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Trinity Classical School uses a teaching model that combines traditional schooling with home schooling in a Christian setting with classical curriculum.

Our Vision. Ambulare in sapientia Dei. To walk in the wisdom of God.

Our Mission. Trinity Classical School partners with parents to equip students to gain knowledge, apply understanding, and walk in the wisdom of God.

Our Approach. Trinity Classical School provides a rigorous, college-preparatory, biblically-sound education to train the next generation of Christian leaders using the Classical model. TCS Board Members, staff, and families come from a variety of churches and denominations, and we agree on a statement of faith.

Our Distinctives. TCS is the first Classical, Collaborative school in the Houston area. We are distinctive in a number of areas, including the following:

  • Integrated Classical Curriculum
  • Affordable Tuition
  • Individualized Reading Program
  • Involved Parents
  • Experienced, Christian Teachers
  • Small Class Sizes

Our Crest

The Book represents the Word of God, upon which our teaching is based. The book also represents the importance of academic scholarship at TCS.

The Oak Tree represents strength of character. Students at TCS develop character, grow deep roots, and learn to stay strong in their faith and values despite the winds and storms of life.

The Laurel Wreath represents excellence. TCS students are challenged to grow and excel in academics, co-curricular activities, athletics, and leadership activities.

Our History

The history of Trinity Classical School is centered around families. Trinity Classical School was founded by several families and continues to work diligently to serve families. TCS is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of six married couples, all of whom have children at the school.

In early 2009, a few Houston-area families saw a need for a Christian, collaborative-style school in Houston. God provided the optimal mix of skills and talents needed to start a school: one family knew about school administration, another family had financial expertise, a third family was able to spread the word to many friends, and another family had a background in Classical education. 

The school was registered as a Texas non-profit corporation in April 2009.

The founding families became the initial Board of Directors and began meeting twice weekly to plan the launch of the school in August 2009. God continued to provide the ingredients necessary for a successful launch. Another Texas school provided assistance with curriculum development. The founding families were able to visit them to see an established school in full bloom and to receive encouragement from a school supportive of the TCS vision.

Despite the short notice, Houston's First Baptist Church graciously allowed TCS to rent some unused classrooms. God provided for the school's first year gifted teachers who had hearts for Christian education and who were willing to pour in the time that a new school required. One teacher had years of experience at another classical, collaborative-style school. Another teacher had been recognized by a national organization as an exemplary teacher. Another was a master teacher and former school administrator. We are grateful for those teachers who made the significant and sacrificial investment required to start the school.

Classes began in August 2009 with 21 students.

Neil Anderson was appointed Head of School in June 2010 and the school has continued to grow. The school began meeting at Bethel Church of Houston in August 2010. Bethel Church continues to bless the school with its top-rate facilities and hospitality.

As the school has grown, we have continued to focus on the TCS vision (to walk in the wisdom of God) and mission (to partner with parents...)  These values can be traced directly back to the earliest days of the school's founding and the families' desire to join together in training their children in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6).

Our Affiliations

TCS is a Partner Member of the Classical Latin School Association.

Classical Latin School Association

TCS is a member of the Association of Classical and Christian Schools.