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Video and Photos

We hope that the video and photos below give you a glimpse into the on-campus days and curriculum at TCS. To learn more out the specifics of the school, please attend an information meeting. If you would like to receive additional school news and photos once each month, please sign up for the TCS Newsletter.

A Glimpse of TCS

Mrs. Chambers reading to her class

The youngest of the TCS students embark on their educational journey by exploring the world through a multi-disciplinary, literature-based curriculum. Pre-Kindergarteners love learning about the world through quality picture books!


Kindergarten students use manipulatives to learn math skills. They make numbers out of Play-Doh and Wikki Stix, trace their hands to learn the “Give me five!” classroom rules, and trace letters in shaving cream. A love for quality children's literature is fostered by reading aloud Charlotte's Web, integrating the book with science by learning about spiders!
Mrs. Holden shows that a word has two syllables
Beginning in First Grade, students begin formal spelling through the curriculum Spell to Write and Read. Every week students have spelling lists of twenty words. They learn phonogram sounds and how to divide words into syllables. Spelling sounds and rules are reinforced through drilling and marking the words.


Second Graders read Peter Pan, by J.M. Barrie. At the end of every class read-aloud the parents plan a big book party to celebrate the completion of the book with story-themed clothes and games. TCS book parties are one of the highlights of the year.

Third Grade students study early Modern History, including studying colonial American history through historical fiction and biographies. Here a student is dressed as Catherine the Great for her history presentation. For science they study Chemistry and have fun conducting experiments on campus.

Fourth grade friendships

Fourth Grade
is a great time for being stretched! Besides having fun at recreational time in the gym, these students will be learning about mature topics such as the World Wars and the transatlantic slave trade, with abolitionists like Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, and William Wilberforce.

Fifth Grade

Now in Logic School, Fifth Grade students are able to work well independently and most are self-motivated to complete their assignments in a quality and timely manner. Fifth graders have their plate full with Physics, Latin, and challenging writing assignments.            

Sixth Grade
students enter the world of philosophy, starting the year off with Plato and Augustine. Their history focus is the medieval period and they learn about early church and Reformation fathers. 

Seventh Graders
go deeper in American History and read great classics like Frankenstein and The Scarlet Pimpernel. They also begin to study formal logic to help them think conceptually and abstractly. Many seventh graders study the performing arts in Eloquium. In this photo Logic School students perform "Seussical!"

Eighth Graders are campus leaders at TCS. They are expected to be self-disciplined and take much more ownership of their work. By eighth grade, many students are advanced in their study of Latin and some students take an accelerated math track. This is a photo of one of our Houses, a system of community groups, which provide structure and comaraderie for the older grades.

Trinity Classical School offers several after-school electives, including a Fine Arts sampler for PK and K and our Eloquium program for 1st and up. Here, Logic School journalism students are planning a new blog site.


Every on-campus day includes Physical Fitness on the playground or in the gym for the younger grades. These boys are demonstrating their strength and skills in a rousing game of dodgeball!


Morning Assembly
is a time before every on-campus school day when all TCS students gather to recite Scripture, sing a hymn, and participate (actively!) in the Bible Truths Sound-Off. Parents are welcome to attend.