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TCS Cross Country team

TCS's Cross Country team is open to any students in grade 5 and up. We encourage as many students to participate, even if cross country does not initially seem appealing as a sport. The sport is not intended only for natural born runners. We intend for all students to gain a physical work ethic through the sport.

Cross Country Objectives:

To Glorify God

We want students to worship God with their hearts, minds, and bodies. Cross country will provide an opportunity to use their bodies unto the Lord.

To Work Hard

Sports are a great tool for further developing work ethic. The ability to fight through the hard labor of work can be practiced both physically and mentally.

To Be Physically Fit

Fitness is a way we can honor the Lord with our bodies and also an avenue towards holistic health. A healthy body compliments as healthy mind. We want students to gain a vision for lifelong fitness and to have tools to accomplish it.

To Accomplish Long Term Goals

We want students to experience success in setting long term goals which are sought incrementally over time. Athletes will work to improve their times over the course of the year.

Please email xc@tcshouston.org for more information.