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What parents are saying

Below are quotes from parents about why they like Trinity Classical School.

  • "The lessons for home days are clear and organized."
  • "I love the poetry memorization and the opportunities for the children to give oral presentations."
  • "I like not having to think about the curriculum but focusing on supporting our children's learning."
  • "High standard of excellence"
  • "I like the united front we have with teachers as it relates to behavior."
  • "We love the focus on quality education. The high expectations are refreshing and the smaller classroom sizes are beneficial."
  • "Small class size which facilitates learning."

Flexible schedule
  • "I particularly like the university model TCS offers because of the time flexibility it offers us on home days.  Because we set the daily pace for our child, he is able to complete quickly those assignments he has nearly mastered and spend more time on concepts of interest or difficulty for him.  Our interest in TCS was mostly due to university model, but over the year I have become so impressed with the classical model as well."

Christian environment
  • "Christian learning which flows through every area of TCS."
  • "Commitment to God's word and instilling in the children."
  • "We love the Scripture memorization and hymns - they provide for our children a firm foundation and depth of soul that is seldom found in our culture today."
  • "Intentional inclusion of Biblical Worldview in studies."
  • "Scripture memorization - both as a school and in the classroom."
  • "Hymns which instill Christian foundational truths in our little ones through song."
  • "I like that I am involved in my children learning the Word... and that they are memorizing large amounts of scripture.  It is amazing to see the amount of scripture young minds are capable of learning and memorizing."

Morning Assembly
  • "I am particularly appreciative of the morning assembly where the children recite the Word of God and sing Him praises as the start to their school day."
  • "I would have to say that my favorite part of it is Morning Assembly because of the way it lays the groundwork for a great day to glorify God and sends the kids off the classes with big smiles on their faces. That one short part of the day encompasses the ethos of the school so well:  support children, include family, worship Him."
  • "I like the focus on Christ at morning assemblies - memorization of hymns and bible verses is wonderful."

  • "Thank you TCS Staff for loving my children."
  • "The positive, loving environment that is fostered amongst all the students is beautiful!  Children are lovingly welcomed into activities regardless of their age or ability.  Perhaps this serves as a snapshot of the heavenly community."

Family involvement 
  • "We like the 'family' atmosphere."
  • "My children are taking more and more of the responsibility for their own learning (rather than this falling to teachers solely.)  Developing habits of life-long learning is a major goal for our children's education.  They are learning how to learn rather than only expecting to learn when someone teaches them. The distinction is subtle but seeing how our kids own their learning is a fabulous thing to watch. Being able to be with our kids as they learn scripture, discover this amazing universe and challenge themselves to grow is wonderful."
  • "I like that school is a family activity."
  • "I like that our intense involvement on homeschool days allows us to catch things that our students are struggling with and address them quickly.  These things might have gone unnoticed or misunderstood for a long time or forever if they weren't getting the one on one attention from someone who knows them so well.  On the flip side of that, we also are aware of when they might need something extra because they have already mastered a concept or because they are so interested. There is still some room to tailor lessons to the individual child."

Communication and Community
  • "I like the back and forth email and verbal communication with the teachers."
  • "Mom's Night - great way to become better acquainted with other moms"