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Tuition and Fees

Tuition for All Grades (Pre-K through Grade 10)
Tuition for all grades for Fall 2017 is $1,840 per semester for the Classical Core. For all grades, the Classical Core includes Math, Science, History & Bible, Language Arts, and Music. 
  • For Grades PreK through 4, the Classical Core also includes Physical Education (P.E.)
  • For Grade 1, the Classical Core also includes Greek language and culture. 
  • For Grades 2 and up, the Classical Core also includes Latin. 
  • For Grades 5 and up, the Classical Core also includes Schola, a period for studying, tutorials, and House meetings.

There are two semesters per school year: Fall (August through December) and Spring (January through May). Pre-K enrollment is available for students who have reached their fourth birthday before September 1.

A Fine Arts elective is available for $288 per semester. The Fine Arts electives for 2016-2017 are as follows:
  • Fine Arts Primer (for Pre-K and Kindergarten only) includes visual art, music, and theater arts.
  • Eloquium (for Grades 1 through 4). Includes Painting, Theatre Games and Skills, Drawing, Musical Theater, Sculpting, Architecture, and Play Performance: Shakespeare.
  • Eloquium (for Grades 5 through 10). Includes Theater, Introductory Creative Writing: Poetry and Prose, Advanced Creative Writing: Poetry and Prose, Introductory Drawing, Advanced Drawing, and Ancient Greek.
Fees for all grades
  • Application fee: $150 per family. This fee is paid only once, prior to a family’s first year at TCS. Please note that this fee is fully refundable if your family does not receive an offer of admission.
  • Enrollment fee: $500 per family per year. This fee is due upon enrollment to secure your place at the school. 

Books & uniforms
Families purchase their own books, uniforms, and at-home school supplies. The cost of books ranges from $150 to $450 per student per year, depending on the grade and whether the books are purchased new or used. Some books and resources may be shared by multiple children in the same family. Uniforms are purchased from Lands' End and usually cost around $150 per student (including belt and shoes).

Payment schedule
Tuition for the Fall semester is due in full by June 1 or within two weeks of enrolling (whichever is later). Tuition for the Spring semester is due November 1. 

Contact if you have questions.